Are You Having Trouble Getting Enough Sleep? Check out the following hacks to improve your sleep health!  

Lay a Foundation:  

  • Establish a routine 

   -For when you awake 

   -For when you exercise 

   -For when you eat  

   -For when you sleep 

  • Set a bedtime and stick to it
  • Make your bedroom a cozy and inviting place
  • Make your bed
  • Keep linens clean and smelling fresh
  • Make sure you are eating enough and according to needs
  • Make sure your recovery nutrition is on point

First Thing in the Morning:  

  • Refrain from hitting the snooze button and get up when your alarm goes off
  • Get outside and catch a bit of Vitamin D for 20-30 minutes 

   -Drink your coffee or pre-workout outside 

   -If it’s not sunny, consider purchasing a sun lamp 

  • Have a plan in place the night before so you can hold yourself accountable
  • Exercise (inside or outside)

Throughout the Day: 

  • Take a 20-30 minute walk outside to get in some vitamin D
  • Refrain from caffeine intake after 2pm
  • Pay attention to your caffeine intake and keep it at or below the RDA of 400mg (1)
  • Find ways to manage Stress

    -Meditate (headspace, calm, etc.) 


    -Deep (intentional) breathing  

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60-120 Minutes Before Bed: 

  • Have your last meal
  • Take a hot shower
  • Consider including natural supplements
  • Magnesium, melatonin, valerian root,ginkobiloba, L-theanine (1) 
  • Passionflower or chamomile tea
  • Limit blue light exposure 

   -Turn off the phone, ipad, laptop and television 

  • Read a book

   -Kindle has a dark light feature 

  • Meditate

   -Deep (intentional) breathing  

   -Use a relaxation app 

   -Headspace, calm, etc. 

  • Play relaxing music
  • Get in bed on time
  • Make sure you are in bed long enough to get 7-8hourssleep 

 In Bed: 

  • Keep the room dark and cool
  • Use lavender aromas
  • Use a relaxation app
  • Headspace, calm, etc.
  • Use Ear Plugs
  • Regular cheapo ear plugs, or more advanced like Bose
  • Keep white noise in the background
  • Use a fan, relaxing music, a sleep app.


 1) Nawrot, P., Jordan, S., Eastwood, J., Rotstein, J., Hugenholtz, A., Feeley, M. (2003). Effects of caffeine on human health. Food AdditContam,20(1), 1-30.