Programs & Workshops


Reach Your Fitness Goals

Whether you are looking for performance optimization, injury prevention, muscle gain and maintenance, physique enhancement, nutrition and supplement education, or stress management, I can help you get there. My training methods are centered upon developing customized strength, conditioning and injury prevention and I work with physique competitors, tactical and professional athletes, and the general population. My holistic approach incorporates multiple modalities to aid clients in reaching their personal goals, strengthening their bodies and achieving wellness.

Training and Nutrition

No 2 bodies are the same – that’s why customized training and nutrition approaches are so important! My plans ensure that your safety is first and your goals are met, while strengthening your weaknesses and accentuating your strong points! You work hard in the gym – and I make sure that what you do in the kitchen supports that effort, with nutrition recommendations that are based on your needs, sensitivities and preferences.

Stage Prep and Bikini Body Development

Whether it’s off season and you are planning to prep for your first competition or you want to improve the way your body looks, I can equip you with the tools and guidance to build an amazing physique! My goal is to put every athlete on the street or the stage, looking their best, with the most healthful approaches that I can. In working with me, you will have access to greater than twenty years of coaching, bodybuilding and competitive fitness experiences. If competing isn’t your goal, I can help you learn how to make proper daily choices which will result in a beautifully “carved” body.


Whether in 30 or 60 minute increments, I help NPC, IFBB, NGA and OCB athletes develop, and perfect, a routine that will make them stand out on stage and show off their amazing package and hard work!  I also travel to sites when coaches have a few athletes that they want me to work with!

Public Speaking and Clinics

I can travel to you! I love speaking to receptive audiences on health and wellness topics, and I frequently present on these in educational programs and at conferences. I also teach coaches and other groups appropriate training form and I coach athletes at posing clinics in their area.