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Meet Coach Charity

I am a guide, a coach, and mentor and I am 100% committed to working closely with my clients to ensure their goals are met! To ensure that we are a match, and that client goals and needs align with my expertise, I do a phone or zoom consult with every potential new client before developing plans. I am available daily via email and text if necessary. I will be there for you in times of crisis, and I will coach you through, around, or over any obstacles that get in the way of your journey to a healthy, happy, and confident new you! My holistic approach incorporates multiple modalities to aid clients in reaching their personal goals, strengthening their bodies and achieving wellness. My focus areas include performance optimization, injury prevention, muscle gain and maintenance, physique enhancement, nutrition and supplement education, and stress management. I stay up to date on scientific approaches and am constantly learning about how to optimize function and physiques, so I can better serve my clients!

I know what it’s like to be given a cookie-cutter plan – you feel like you’ve wasted your money and spent energy on hiring a coach who doesn’t have YOUR best interest in mind. I take pride in doing a thorough analysis of each of my clients at intake (including exercise performance videos and a review of nutritional, medicinal and supplemental intake) and ensure that plans are generated specific to individual goals and needs. With a goal of building your ideal physique while also improving your health, I will provide you with training, nutrition, supplementation and other pertinent advice to get you into the gym and through each of your lifts successfully. I am in your corner to support and motivate you to meet your goals! I log in to client food tracker accounts to make sure everything is on track. I send check in messages to make sure everything is going great and to see if there are any questions. Accountability is huge, regardless of what your goal is! Need a mid-week push? I got you! I help my clients develop consistent and healthy habits which sets them up for success and allow them to reach and maintain their goals for the long term!

Charity Lane

PhD(c), M.S., M.A., CPT, GFI, FNS

I was raised in a small town outside Nashville, TN, where eggs fried in bacon grease and white flour biscuits topped with chopped ham gravy were the foundation of breakfast. Vegetables were a means to consume butter, while healthy food and exercise were foreign concepts; something ‘skinny’ people worried about. When coronary thrombosis took my father’s life, it was obvious that obesity and lack of physical activity were primary factors, and it became clear that I would need to make a profound change to protect my own health. As a teenager, I traveled nearly thirty minutes to the nearest recreational center for fitness classes and weight training. As a young, single, mother, I balanced college coursework, a personal trainer job and placed my daughter in fitness center nurseries so I could get my training in.

Striving to attain the “perfect” body, I started lifting and prepped for a Venus Swimwear pageant in 1998, which lit the competitive flame for years to come. However, this first diet attempt was very restrictive, resulted in me eating uncontrollably for months on end and led to bulimia. Fortunately, I got past that phase and now use the knowledge gained to help my clients avoid this pitfall. In 2014 I won my class in my first NPC show and in 2016 I earned my IFBB Pro card. Each of these experiences were highly challenging, enabled me to become acutely aware of how the mind and body respond to proper nutrition and exercise and helped shape the approaches that I take today!

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